They have sneaked in here again.
Made a pointless love to rain.
Burried... but still alive.
Undead, they just cannot die.

They are soft and made of You.
Tear me up and drown to glue.
They are pure like your eyes through.
Endless, like the touch of You.

Cruel, using life as fuel.
They bring death and make a duel.
Pain will bring the death to end.
I can feel but have no hand.

From the world of dried tears.
They have sneaked in, steal the peace.
Only cure was, seems to be...
destroyed in last kisstory.

They are here in burning feast.
Waking up forgotten beast.
They are turning soulless seas.
Someone called them memories.

Saiffer | 28. 3. 2011 - 00:50